Monday, November 17, 2008

The comment was too subtle, so I’ll post to the main blog.

May I please be allowed to edit the wiki?

(If the post is ineffective, a proposal will be forthcoming)



17-11-2008 21:37:56 UTC

Ok, the password should have been emailed to you.  Does anyone else need a wiki account?


17-11-2008 21:42:23 UTC

As a side note, I don’t think a proposal would do anything since not all admins are wiki admins.  Chronos and I are the only active wiki admins.

Hello Sailor:

17-11-2008 22:33:09 UTC

Well, the proposal I had in mind would have been something like:

If there are any Characters who have been continuously active for the last 12 hours, and who do not have wiki access, then [add a rule allowing PP to be negative, and] all admins with the ability to grant that access lose 1 PP.

Hello Sailor:

17-11-2008 22:42:28 UTC

Forgive my impatience, but I don’t have the email yet.  Could you PM it?


17-11-2008 23:08:21 UTC

No, it can’t be pm’ed. The wiki generates it and sends to the e-mail you set-up when you registered. You can expedit the process by going here:


18-11-2008 01:09:25 UTC

I need a wiki account.