Thursday, March 14, 2019

Proposal: The Dragon

Times out / reaches quorum, 4-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Mar 2019 20:05:29 UTC

Amend “Locations” so it reads:

Each Adventurer has a location tracked in the GNDT, which is one of: “Town” (the default), “Overgrown Forest”, “Dank Cave”, “Labyrinthine Canyon”, “Shadow Mountain”, “Eldritch Ruin”, or “Dragon’s Lair”. Each location other than Town is considered to be a “Wilds”.

At any time, an Adventurer may spend 2 AP to change their Location to any other except the Dragon’s Lair. An adventurer may spend 2 AP and destroy a Cryptic Clue to set their location to the Dragon’s Lair.

Amend “Monsters” by changing “a frequency, which is an integer between 1 and 10” to:

a frequency, which is an integer between 0 and 10

Amend “Action Points” by changing “4” to “5”

Amend “The adventurer sets their AP to 4” to “The adventurer sets their AP to 5”

Amend “Hunting” by:

  1. removing “have not done so since the most recent Respawn,”, the first bullet point of the list defining Hunting, and any bullet points in said list beginning “Decrease the Hunting Adventurer’s AP”
  2. adding a bullet point to the end that reads “Decrease the hunting adventurer’s AP by 1.”

Amend “Spawning” by changing the bullet point beginning “Establish the ideal monster population” to read:

* Establish the ideal monster population (IMP) as (two times the number of active Adventurers) plus five.

Create a new monster:

Name: Dragon

Hit Points: 20

Frequency: 0

Ecology: Dragon’s Lair

Spoils: Dragon’s Head (1)

Description: The most powerful monster in the Wilds. It’s commonly believed that dragons possess powerful magic that can control all the other monsters.

Add to the list of items:

Name: Dragon’s Head

Description: The head of a dragon, still dripping with ichor. This prize will definitely earn you favor in the Emperor’s court.
Modifiers: * A player with this head in their possession can destroy it to achieve victory

Add a Dragon to the Dragon’s Lair.

This is flawed, I know. But we need a goal. This dynasty is stagnating. This proposal should up the ante quite a bit. I’ve tried to balance everything out well. The number of monsters doubles, but the number of monsters you can hunt triples or even quintuples, if you’re not planning on going anywhere. Clearly necromancers and squids are the best thing to go after, but if someone beats you to it, you can still clear out the rest of the monsters in hopes of upgrading yourself to be able to attack the target monsters. This also adds a win condition, but one that is freakishly hard to do on your own. If this works like I think it will, it will force cooperation in clearing out the wilds and winning.

I recommend voting for this proposal in the interests of speeding up gameplay. If there is a major bug, definitely vote against it, but in any other case, patching later is a better fix.



15-03-2019 05:15:01 UTC

I’m up for this. More AP also opens the doors for more interesting spells.
A good future proposal may be making it so you can’t hunt the same monster twice in one day.


15-03-2019 19:07:35 UTC



17-03-2019 19:59:14 UTC