Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Proposal: The Everlasting Night Ends

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 28 Jul 2021 18:01:17 UTC

If Richardo von Nestor voted AGAINST on this Proposal, this Proposal will have no effect instead.

Revert all Distill actions from the posting of this Proposal until the passing of this Proposal.

If Call for Judgment: When Life Gives You Jumble, Make Lemonaid [Pressing] is Pending, Pass and Enact it.

Then, Enacts a new Rule, “Final Darkness”, “-“ is considered to be bullet points;

As a Atomic Action, Richardo von Nestor may End the Darkness.

For each Vampire Lord, Richardo von Nestor must perform the following on their behalf:
- Distill, ignoring Puissance cost. If at the end of the Distill Resolution such Vampire Lord may take a Distill Power Action again, ignoring Puissance Cost; repeat the entirety of this bullet point.
- If such Vampire Lord have a Sepulchre, Richardo von Nestor must Free them from Unlife by Collapsing their Sepulchre.

Richardo von Nestor immediately Ends the Darkness.

Then, Enacts a new Rule, “Dawn”:

Any Vampire Lord who was not a Vampire Lord on 1700 28th July 2021 is not to be considered a Vampire Lord for the remainder of this rule.

A number of Eternity Crystals exists equal to the sum of the total amount of Blood Mana Crystals every Vampire Lord holds. Each Eternity Crystal is owned by a Vampire Lord, such that the number of Eternity Crystals each Vampire Lord holds is equal to the Blood Mana Crystal such Vampire Lord have.

If no Vampire Lord have done so, a Vampire Lord may choose a Eternity Crystal at random. Upon doing so, the owner of the chosen Eternity Crystal achieves victory.

This was a fun Dynasty, but all good things must come to a close before they turn for the worst; though how to end it should be Josh’s wish, so this is a proposal.


Josh: he/they

27-07-2021 19:17:12 UTC

Thank you for the autokill clause; I appreciate the courtesy! I’ll not be voting on this but am happy with a result either way; my preference is strictly that the dynasty resolve according to what gives players the most satisfaction.

Brendan: he/him

28-07-2021 00:22:38 UTC


Lulu: she/her

28-07-2021 00:43:07 UTC

against Play it out.

Clucky: he/him

28-07-2021 04:34:15 UTC

against I’m okay with the idea, but there is a scam here. Gonna give Chiiika the benefit of the doubt that it wasn’t an intended scam as winning by scam like this feels a bit low, but still need to shoot it down.

The problem is with this bit of the rules:

“If the Admin enacting a Proposal reaches a step which cannot be applied immediately (e.g. “two days after this Proposal enacts, Vampire Lord A gains 1 point”), that step is ignored for the purposes of enactment. “

The “Richardo von Nestor immediately Ends the Darkness.” cannot be applied immediately unless Josh is the one who enacts this proposal.

So Brendan (or Kevan) would be able to enact this and them immediately perform the “choose a Eternity Crystal” action before Lemon or my BMC get auto-distilled, greatly increasing Brendan/Chiiika’s odds of winning.

Lulu: she/her

28-07-2021 04:38:15 UTC

I mean, I could’ve enacted this too.  Admin rights are sweet.

Chiiika: she/her

28-07-2021 04:58:57 UTC

against s/k on Jumble points. 4am really ain’t a good mental gymnastics time, even if I’m working on samples of previous Dynasties.

Chiiika: she/her

28-07-2021 07:11:07 UTC

It should have been on Clucky’s points. It’s a inadvertent hole, SK and will repropose it

Brendan: he/him

28-07-2021 12:53:37 UTC

I can only assume this means Chiiika and I are in a cabal! I was not aware of this but am delighted to learn it. Chiiika, please DM me when convenient to let me know what my percentage of the victory split will be.

Raven1207: he/they

28-07-2021 15:57:26 UTC