Sunday, March 10, 2019

Proposal: The Questing Beast

Times out, 1-1 with one unresolved deferential. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 13 Mar 2019 01:41:37 UTC

Create a rule named “Quests”:

A Quest has a hero, which is an adventurer, A Target, which is a monster type, and a Locale, witch is a location. It may be written [X] wishes to slay a [Y] at [Z], where [X] is the hero, [Y] is the target, and [Z] is the locale.

If a monster of the quest’s target has been in the quest’s location for 48 hours at the time the quest’s hero removes that monster as a result of hunting it, the quest’s hero has achieved victory

Quests are tracked in a section of the bestiary labeled “quests”

Add to the rule “Monsters”:

Monsters with 10 hit points or more are considered to be “epic”

Add as a modifier to “Cryptic Clue”

*If an adventurer has two cryptic clues they may remove both from their inventory and create a quest with themselves as its hero, a random epic monster type as its target, and a random wild as its locale

The 48 hour waiting period is do allow other adventurers to interfere with the quest. The game should not be won by whoever is best at checking in immediately after a re-spawn.


Oracular rufio:

11-03-2019 02:41:43 UTC

Hmm.  Seems ok to me, you have to first get two clues, and then you have to slay a level 10 creature after letting it chill for 48 hours.  I’d be happier with it if only quests for epic monsters resulted in victory (so we could reuse the mechanic somewhere else).


Oracular rufio:

11-03-2019 02:50:55 UTC

Also, is the title a reference to The Once and Future King?  Maybe we should actually have a Questing Beast monster, that would be interesting.

Oracular rufio:

11-03-2019 03:24:07 UTC

As an aside, we don’t currently have a very good way of tracking how long an monster has been somewhere.  I would support Trigon putting a timestamp on monsters when he spawns them, and using those.

derrick: he/him

11-03-2019 12:42:40 UTC

You can always tweak the mechanic somewhat. I was actually envisioning quests like clearing an area or slaying all of a type of monster also allowing victory

The reference is Arthurian, with no preference given to Mr. White. A questing beast would be fun, and a good candidate for moving frequently.

The wiki history page can divulge how long a monster has been somewhere, and most changes will line up with either GNDT actions or with respawn events.

Oracular rufio:

11-03-2019 22:23:10 UTC

You might be able to track the information down eventually, but it’d be kind of a pain and I could see a lot of arguing happening if anyone ever completed a quest about how to prove that the monster had been there for 48 hours.  I think it would just be easier to track timestamps.


13-03-2019 01:40:28 UTC

against Seems like the game might be sagging already under the weight of the Ruleset.