Thursday, March 28, 2019

Proposal: the scrap yard

popular 3-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 29 Mar 2019 17:58:17 UTC

Replace “If trades of items are specified in the Marketplace, players can destroy the set of items on the first side of the trade to gain the set of items on the other side if and only if they are located in the Town.” with

“Adventures located in the Town can perform a trade. Trades consist of a cost on the left side of an arrow (→) and a good on the right side and are listed in the Marketplace. Costs and goods are lists of 1 or more items with each different type of item delineated with an addition symbol. An adventurer can perform a trade by deleting the items in a cost from their inventory and adding the items from a single good from any trade that matches the cost. An adventure can also trade by deleting two sets of goods and adding a cost to their inventory.”

Add the following after the third paragraph of Items:
“Scrapping an item is known as deleting it from their inventory and then creating a coin in their inventory. An Adventurer that is located in Town may scrap items in their inventory.”

Replace “A Squid Thingy Larva may not be given to another adventurer” with
“A Squid Thingy Larva may not be deleted”

Replace “A curse may not be given to another adventurer” with
“A curse may not be deleted”

allowing adventurers to trade any (non harmful) item in their inventory. Also letting you pay double of the right side of a trade to get the left side. I checked and I don’t see any way of going infinite through trading this way.


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