Monday, December 28, 2009

Proposal: The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep


Adminned at 29 Dec 2009 14:15:30 UTC

Add a dynastic rule, entitled “Trusty Shellbacks”, as follows:

Adventurers are either Shellbacks or Pollywogs but not both.  The initial state of all Adventurers is Shellback.  The state of all Adventurers as Shellbacks or Pollywogs shall be tracked as either “S” or “P”, as appropriate, in the GNDT.  Subject to the following sentence, if a Pollywog engages in movement that causes him to cross the Equator in the Universe, within 24 hours of doing so that Adventurer may make a post to the blog indicating that he has done so, whereupon that Adventurer (1) becomes a Shellback, and (2) increases the number of his Wishes by one.  If sea vehicles or sea type vehicles exist or are defined in the ruleset then an Adventurer may only increase the number of his Wishes by operation of the previous sentence if his crossing of the Equator occurs by means of such a vehicle.


Ienpw III:

12-28-2009 18:40:00 UTC



12-28-2009 18:51:19 UTC

against ???


12-28-2009 18:59:06 UTC to become a Pollywog?


12-28-2009 19:12:41 UTC

against I think we were supposed to start as Pollywogs. It’s a nautical thing.


12-28-2009 19:15:12 UTC

Well, that makes more sense. Seems off-theme, though.


12-28-2009 20:22:28 UTC

Bugger.  You are supposed to start as Pollywogs.
The idea here is to motivate people to start moving.


12-28-2009 20:23:15 UTC

Watch this space for a proposal to fix this.


12-28-2009 20:25:40 UTC

S/K.  New proposal fixes the initial state = Shellback problem.