Saturday, October 07, 2017

Proposal: The Tudors

Adminned at 09 Oct 2017 13:30:41 UTC

Change one of the neighbors name to The Tudors
Change the Tudors’ Candy Type to “Blood Bites”
Change the Tudors’ Costume Type Preference to “bloody”
Change the Tudors’ gullibility to 4

Add a special rule for this family with the text

If you walk into the Tudors’ house roll 3 DICE3. If all of them are a 1 your Treats are halved and your location is set to Ominous Castle. If they are all a 3 your Treats increase by half of how many Treats you had when you walked into the Tudors’ house.

Self Killed By Card. Failed by Derrick.



10-07-2017 17:40:19 UTC

you may want to make the special effects happen more than once every 100 times. 1/5^3 = 1/125


10-07-2017 18:48:22 UTC

ditto. I think 1 DICE6 (with 1 and 6 being special) would be great


10-08-2017 02:34:12 UTC



10-08-2017 11:07:36 UTC



10-08-2017 11:07:54 UTC

oops…  against