Thursday, September 04, 2008

Proposal: The Unwashed Masses


Adminned at 06 Sep 2008 11:29:38 UTC

Create a new rule, “Vox Populi”:

There exists an entity in the GNDT known as “The Unwashed”, which counts as a Candidate but cannot perform any actions other than those described by this rule. When a rule calls for The Unwashed to take an action, any Admin may carry on that action on its behalf, as long as the action is never performed more than once within its specified timeframe. No Candidate may endorse The Unwashed. (If The Unwashed somehow wins this Dynasty, then we did something terribly wrong.)

Create a sub-rule, “Ad Pandering” to rule “Campaigning”,

If a Candidate has not performed a Campaign Action within the last 24 hours, the Candidate may perform an Ad Pandering action by paying X Money and rolling 1DICE100 in the GNDT. If the result is equal to or larger than X, that Candidate sets The Unwashed to Endorse the Candidate of er choice.

Set the Supporters of The Unwashed to 10DICE100, and it’s Money to half that amount. Number all Candidates who are being Endorsed by more than one Candidate, starting from 1. Then, Roll 1DICEN in a GDNT comment, where N is the total of Candidates numbered this way. The Unwashed endorses the Candidate whose number comes up in the roll.





09-04-2008 18:51:27 UTC

against you could pay 1 money, and the roll would always be above, so you’d always get the endorsement. Maybe you mean equal to or less than? like the idea otherwise

Ambi Valent:

09-04-2008 19:20:27 UTC

against Also, lower the number of Supporters, maybe to the maximum number of Supporters any single Candidate has. Otherwise corruption is way too easy. Also, can the Candidate “The Unwashed” Endorses be changed more than once per week? If so, change that, too.


09-04-2008 20:19:14 UTC

I like the idea, but the wording is poor.


09-04-2008 20:23:15 UTC

against Ooops, actually I just realized I wrote it backwards just like Devenger said. I have no proposals left, so would some one re-propose this?


09-04-2008 20:24:03 UTC

Also another idea, maybe we could get the number of supporters o start smaller then rise over time?


09-04-2008 23:49:22 UTC



09-04-2008 23:53:09 UTC

against .  Italicized text issues in addition to the above complaints.