Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proposal: There are no super Ants II

Timed out 8 votes to 0 with one unresolved DEF. Enacted by Kevan.

The instruction to “Set the health of all Ants to the starting health.” is ambiguous, and can be read as “the starting health for their caste” or “the health that ant started at”. I’ll assume it meant the former - raise a CfJ if you disagree.

Adminned at 17 Jan 2011 08:12:53 UTC

If the proposal “No SuperAnts” fails, this proposal does nothing.
Reword the rule “Castes” to the following:

All Ants have a Caste, which is tracked in the GNDT and determines their role in the Colony. New Ants start as Workers. The different Castes are:

  * Worker. By far the most numerous inhabitants of the colony, these small females carry out most daily tasks of the colony, including foraging, brood care and nest upkeep. Workers may have up to 6 food. Workers start with a health of 15.
  * Soldier. These larger females with giant heads are primarily concerned with the defense of the colony, but they will generally act as workers if no enemies are nearby. Soldiers are limited to 4 food maximum, and their large mandibles make them unfit for carrying anything but Leafs, Twigs and Crumbs. Soldiers start with a health of 30.
  * Honeypot. These ants have been gorged with food by workers, and essentially serve as living food storage. Honeypot ants may not carry anything and may not go Above Ground. They may have up to 50 food. Honeypots start with a health of 8.
  * Drone. The only males in the colony, these small winged ants are cared for by the others and prepared for the nuptial flight, where they will attempt to mate with virgin queens. Drones may have up to 5 food, and can only carry Sugar, Crumbs and Mould. Drones start with a health of 10.
  * Virgin Queen. These winged fertile females have not yet mated, and are awaiting the nuptial flight so that they can mate and start a new colony. Virgin Queens may have up to 7 food and may not carry anything. Virgin Queens start with a health of 8
  * Mature Queen. The mother of and most important ant in the colony, this queen has been fertilized and no longer has wings. As her sole purpose is to reproduce, a Mature Queen may not carry anything. Mature Queens may have up to 50 food. Mature Queens start with a health of 40.

In the rule “Health”, remove the sentence:

New ants start at ten health.

Set the health of all Ants to the starting health.

Defining a maximum health each cast may have. MAx health for each caste is up to discussion. The values reflect my opinion



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15-01-2011 19:16:29 UTC

for Odd wording, since all ants ‘start’ as Workers, but I think it still functions as intended.

Darknight: he/him

15-01-2011 22:30:09 UTC

for Though it kinda messes with the new wording of the NPC queen.


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Roujo: he/him

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for Go with the flow =P


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Kevan: he/him

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