Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Proposal: There is no hope left

Unpopular 1-1; needs a Quorum FOR to be Popular because it modifies Special Case rules. -Bucky

Adminned at 06 Oct 2022 20:41:47 UTC

Repeal all Dynastic Rules.
Close all bounties.
Set all Special Case Rules to their default states.
Set the player term to Player and the emperor term to Emperor.
Start a new Dynasty with no emperor called The Eleventh Metadynasty.

I think it’s time. We’re down to four people and it’s not going back up.


Raven1207: he/him

04-10-2022 23:03:10 UTC



05-10-2022 00:42:47 UTC

Raven, there is currently no emperor (they idled). Since quorum is so low I recommend casting a vote in the direction you want to go.


05-10-2022 02:14:30 UTC



05-10-2022 02:16:41 UTC

I dunno about the metadynasty, but it doesn’t seem like anything else is really happening so it gets my vote. I’ll change it if some better end is proposed.

Raven1207: he/him

05-10-2022 03:06:38 UTC

well I’m indecisive


05-10-2022 03:25:41 UTC

I was just saying that your vote won’t be resolved in either direction by anyone else since the emperor is idle right now.


05-10-2022 03:30:51 UTC

CoV imperial in wait of the votes on my endgame proposal; if it doesn’t turn out well I’ll go back to voting for this.

Bucky: Proprietor

05-10-2022 20:28:57 UTC