Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Proposal: This hand is my hand

reached quorum 6-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 25 Jan 2018 01:52:57 UTC

In the Supplies rule, after the list of supplies, add the text:

The User of a Supply is the resident who owns the slot that the supply occupies.

Replace “A Resident can move a Supply into any slot it can be in from an existing slot. If a slot already has a Supply when a new one is moved into it, the former Supply falls on the floor and no longer occupies any slot.” with:

A Supply may only be placed in an empty slot.

At any time a Resident can move a Supply into any slot it can be in from another slot, provided the following conditions are met:
- The source slot belongs to the them.
- The destination slot does not belong to a Resident who is Suspicious towards them.

A Resident can remove a Supply from any of their slots and throw it away. This action removes the Supply from the game.

Undo the effects of any actions that were taken before the enactment of this proposal that involves taking Supplies from another Resident who is not trusting you or using a supply that is in another Resident’s slot.

Securing slot mechanics. The current rules allow taking items from others (and also giving items but I kept that). Also the ruleset doesn’t explicitly state that the User of a supply is the resident who has it in one of their slots. The crowbar, for example, could be used by anyone provided someone has it in their hands.



01-23-2018 22:18:53 UTC

Don’t vote on this yet. I’m changing it to take into account the Love Craction proposal


01-23-2018 22:31:19 UTC

Ok I think this is good.


01-23-2018 23:41:56 UTC

This would fix a loophole I was waiting to use. So I used it now.

It’s the classic “A-scam”.

“A Resident can move <u>a</u> Supply into <u>any</u> slot it can be in from <u>an</u> existing slot.

I could’ve abused it better if I was an Admin who could pull this off right before I enacted this fix myself but oh well. Pre-endgame stuff is mostly just frills anyway.


01-23-2018 23:42:41 UTC

Wow my coding there was janky lol.

Prov. Greentick for this proposal, anyways.


01-23-2018 23:51:02 UTC



01-23-2018 23:54:26 UTC



01-24-2018 00:02:53 UTC



01-24-2018 08:03:39 UTC

Yep Cuddlebeam, I was initially going to do the exact same thing but then realised the leftover hard-hat is just going to be moving around since anyone can take it. Now that the proposal is there we should avoid using the loophole and save the enacting admin the trouble of having to figure out who did what in order to undo the effects of the loophole :D.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-24-2018 09:14:59 UTC

for We should be probably avoid free trade of objects between players, as it reintroduces race conditions (if a Crate drops with an amazing item at the top, the first player to see the blog post can rush to negotiate borrowing a +3 Alertness item from someone before the most Alert player notices it), but it looks like Card’s fix fixes that.


01-24-2018 21:42:21 UTC