Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Proposal: Tic Tac Town

Timed out and enacted, 7-1. Josh

Adminned at 18 Feb 2022 14:43:09 UTC

Throughout the rules, wherever it appears, change the term Points to Deeds.

Add a new dynastic rule to the ruleset, called Tic Tac Town, with the following text:

Tic Tac Town is a village that contains a number of Buildings; the Buildings that are currently in Tic Tac Town are publicly tracked.

Each Building in Tic Tac Town has the following characteristics: a name, an action, a Maximum Occupancy, which must be an integer between 1 and 3 inclusive, and a Current Occupancy, which defaults to empty.

At any time, a Player may spend one of their Deeds to build a new building in Tac Tac Town, which is an atomic action with the following steps:
* Give the Building a name;
* Choose a single action to be associated with that Building, which can be any action that is defined in a dynastic rule;
* Randomly select a legal number to be that Building’s Maximum Occupancy;
* Set the Current Occupancy of that building to blank;
* Add the Building thus generated to the public tracking.

A Building is Full if the number of Symbols in its Current Occupancy equals or exceeds its Maximum Occupancy. As a daily action, a Player may add their Symbol to the Current Occupancy of any building that is not Full; if they do so then they may immediately carry out the action associated with that building, without any further preconditions.

As a weekly communal action, any Player may clear the Current Occupancy of all Buildings.

For the purposes of this rule, an ‘action’ is anything in the dynastic ruleset that explicitly describes itself as such, using the word ‘action’; for example, ‘As a daily action’, ‘As a communal action’ etc.


Lulu: she/her

16-02-2022 13:11:20 UTC

“which can be any action that is defined in a dynastic rule” inb4 someone uses this to short-circuit the wincon when it’s introduced

Josh: he/they

16-02-2022 13:29:49 UTC

This the last clause; so long as the wincon isn’t phrased as “as a daily action a player can achieve victory” then we should be good

Lulu: she/her

16-02-2022 13:51:35 UTC

still seems like the kind of thing that’s easy to accidentally screw up anyways

Lulu: she/her

16-02-2022 16:45:18 UTC


Brendan: he/him

16-02-2022 20:12:39 UTC


Snisbo: she/they

16-02-2022 21:45:00 UTC


DragonSlayr15001: he/him

17-02-2022 01:04:31 UTC


wdtefv: hu/hum

17-02-2022 12:04:59 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

17-02-2022 19:08:08 UTC


Clucky: he/him

18-02-2022 02:59:20 UTC