Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tick 13

Tick 13 mostly occurs. The unluckily-numbered tick is unlucky indeed, as four pairs of CICs all exchange missiles mostly thanks to card’s war footing. Card gets nuked 3 times, losing 9 IE. Thunder gets nuked twice, losing 2 IE on each. Kevan and Derrick each get nuked once, and both have an ongoing revolution and an unlucky random rounding; Kevan loses 6 IE and derrick, 9 IE. Sesquipedalian is also nuked once and loses 3 IE on a bad rounding.

Spy missions occur shortly.

Update: Spy missions are done, and I didn’t actually say by whom everyone got nuked: card was nuked by Thunder, Kevan, and derrick; Thunder was nuked by card and Sesquipedalian. Kevan was nuked by card, derrick was nuked by card, Sesquipedalian was nuked by Thunder.


derrick: he/him

28-08-2017 13:48:37 UTC

shouldn’t we have recovery now?


28-08-2017 18:29:11 UTC

We sure should! Anyone can correct the GNDT as necessary if they want to now, or I can in a few hours.


28-08-2017 21:39:36 UTC

Done. It appears Sesquipedalian had nobly increased their own already.