Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Timed action frequency

My reading of the rules seems to indicate that you cannot make more than two workbench manipulations in one 24 hour period… if that’s the case, has Darknight overstepped his bounds with his recent GNDT changes?



12-02-2009 00:36:51 UTC

It’s a timed action. From my point, I can make timed actions = to what my time stat was at the start of my action. Though I’m willing to adjust back to using two instead of 3 if someone else pops up and helps me and you figure this out NOI. Sometimes the rules aren’t as clear and solid as we’d like lol.


12-02-2009 00:52:38 UTC

Yeah, but it’s not two timed actions per day, it’s two timed actions per 24-hour period… that means from the second timed action, you need to wait 24 hours before you can make the third one…. right?


12-02-2009 00:58:40 UTC

Ah. Now I see it. Its a small rule so I ended up scrolling over it lol. Gonna revert the 3rd action now. Good catch. srry bout that.


12-02-2009 01:19:27 UTC

No problemo. I’m still learning, so I wasn’t even sure *I* had it right. ;)


12-02-2009 01:23:14 UTC

Just to clarify, it would actually be 24 hours from the FIRST of the two timed actions, for the third action and 24 hours from the SECOND before a fourth action, but since they were effectively simultaneous, it’s really the same thing.


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12-02-2009 18:29:22 UTC

NoOneImportant: it’s a reference to a past dynasty, where one group of players (the members of GNO) came up with a code, and tried to pass proposals written in it.


12-02-2009 18:36:18 UTC

And those messages were actually written in that code. They’re a scam which will cause the DDA to rule not only BlogNomic but also Agora, B Nomic, and Fresh Nomic.

Wait, did I say that unencrypted?

There is no DDA!