Monday, September 17, 2007

Tinker tinker.


reword current rumble rules to only allow a 1/3rd creator of a monster to pick a fight.

Each 1/3rd creator controls how the energy points are spent.

Losing moves the monster to an Outer Region and lowers their threat rating, raising the rating on the winning
monster. Monsters energy only regenerates in the Outer Regions. Regeneration powers for monsters should require

eating building or population, etc. Can be ‘used’ via the media circus.

Robot Energy regenerates at the base. If a robot defeats a monster, the threat rating of the monster is decreased more than if it lost to another monster.


Mock proposal

Reword the text in Monster Rampage

To pick a fight, a Kaiju God announces by posted that e is taking over direct control of a Monster
that is in the same non-outer regions neighborhood as another monster. The monster then gains the abilities on
the Kaiju God who has taken direct control over the Monster. To begin the fight, a different Kaiju God replies
to the post that they will be taking over direct control one other monster. This must continue until all
monsters in a neighborhood are directly controlled by Kaiju Gods.

to say

To pick a fight, a Kaiju God announces by posted that e is picking a fight a Monster that is in the

same non-outer regions neighborhood as one or more other monsters. The Kaiju god must have been one of the
three creators of the monster.  Once done, the fight has been picked. To fight, each Kaiju God controls the
section of the monster they created that is present where the fight has been picked. As a daily action, the
Kaiju God may make a Monster Move, which is done by secretly allocating energy points to up to the energy
points value of their section of the monster as well as activating Kaiju Attributes, if they have no currently
pending Monster Moves in queue for the monster part they are making a move for. (I.e. you can make a move if
you can pending moves for a separate monster part.) Once all sections of all monsters involved have made a
monster move, all the moves are resolved and energy levels up each monster section are updated.

If a monster part has no more energy points, the controlling Kaiju God may not make a Monster Move.

If the creator of a monster part is idle, then the idle Kaiju’s responsibility shall be turned over to the
patron who is listed in the City document that is adjacent and alphabetically to the idle Kaiju’s listing of

Fellow Kaiju:I’m certian the wording can be simplified. Please give me all the suggestions you can think of. I know some things that would need to be addressed are not in here, just as what happens when a monster is defeated, using powers, and how they work. Feel free to use these ideas and make a proposal yourself.


Darknight: he/him

18-09-2007 22:55:50 UTC

sounds fair.


19-09-2007 00:17:43 UTC

Yeah, but I know its worded pretty sloppy. I did it at work on notepad between the 10 other things I was doing when I had a few moments. I’d like to hammer out the rough spots and make it tidy before I make a proposal. Any tips and suggestions people have would be useful.

I’ll try to make two proposals that can work without the other, so if one needs work, the other will still be good to go (unless they both need work).