Friday, September 06, 2013

Proposal: Token of my Respect

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If the proposal “Digital Rites Management” passes, this proposal does nothing.

Add a new dynastic rule called “Tokens” and give it the following text

Apprentice has an number of Tokens, tracked in the GNDT in a column called Tokens, which is 10 by default.

in the rule “Spells” after

describing the Spell’s Effects and Cost.


And, if they desire, a positive integer Use Fee which is less than nine thousand.

For each Spell in their Spellbook, as weekly action an Apprentice may change that Spells use fee to any non-negative integer which is less than nine thousand.


An Apprentice may Cast a Spell by spending its Cost in Energy and carrying out its Effects.


To do so, if the spell is not in their Spellbook, they must pay the Apprentice whose Spellbook the Spell is in the Use Fee associated with the spell, in tokens

Another alternative to the free copying spells problem. This lets you use other peoples spells, but you have to pay them. Don’t want people copying your spell? Make the cost large (the nine thousand is there just so we don’t have people trying to do crazy power towers and what not to make the cost super high and abuse that somehow). The idea would be that Tokens are currency, which tend to go from one player to another whereas Energy is power which tends to be exhausted performing spells.



09-06-2013 21:17:21 UTC

Shouldn’t it be “every Apprentice” that has a number of Tokens?


09-06-2013 21:20:41 UTC

Also, I’m not sure if it’s defined what “their” Spellbook is. As of now there’s only the wiki page “Spellbook”


09-07-2013 03:48:26 UTC

I think that’s fairly obvious - each Apprentice has a section of the wiki page “Spellbook”. imperial


09-07-2013 08:51:33 UTC

against Not a fan of the arbitrary fees.

quirck: HE/HIM

09-07-2013 08:58:28 UTC



09-07-2013 14:21:45 UTC

I like the idea that something comes back to the spell owner, but I think it might be even more interesting to see it come back as energy that the spell owner can use. Thoughts?


09-07-2013 17:07:03 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

09-07-2013 20:22:42 UTC



09-07-2013 20:25:23 UTC



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