Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too fast :(

I am not able to “get in” a dynasty again, because I don’t have enough time. Blognomic seems to fast for me.

I do not want to play half-hearted and only vote for most Proposals without doing anything really, so I hereby request to be idled.

Maybe I will rejoin in this Dynasty.



08-18-2010 10:21:43 UTC

The first few days of a dynasty are always fast. They usually slow down fairly quickly. I’d be surprised if we’re seeing the same rate of proposals, and especially proposals of the same length, by the end of the weekend.


08-18-2010 13:09:09 UTC

Josh: I know, and I have the ability to unidle in a few weeks :)


08-18-2010 13:09:29 UTC

Quorum is 10.