Friday, February 13, 2015

Story Post: Trial: Danger Zone

Could not be enacted after 48 hours, with three votes for and two votes against. Josh

Adminned at 15 Feb 2015 15:06:04 UTC

I believe ais523 is an Android.

First, to review, here’s the last time we did this. None of the arguments therein have changed. ais is still acting in a manner that is explicitly set out to destabilise the humans, does not deny it, and admits that he will continue to do so. His defence is that he’s not interested in the human / Android aspect of the game, and that could potentially be true. It is, however, unlikely. Firstly, if that really was his intent, my suspicion is that he’d be less obvious about it, as playing overtly selfishly tends to make one a target (cf. the two trials he has now been the subject of). Secondly, if he is an Android, then promoting an atmosphere of every-human-for-themselves is an easy path to getting the humans tear each other to shreds.

Additional data: what happened while ais was idle, and what happened when he came back.

While ais was idle, only one proposal was sabotaged. No missions were sabotaged. No tickertape messages were received, nor Demands. No phaser rounds were fired.

Within hours of ais’ return, a proposal had been retroactively sabotaged, a key command role - and ais’ previous accuser - was gunned down, and ais himself had flagged up that the latter had taken place, helpfully including a handy interpretation guide as to how to read the events.

Long story short here, ais’ presence in the game is non-coincidentally synchronous with upticks in Android activity. Either the actual Androids invested a bizarre amount of energy into setting up a single innocent Human who they had no guarantee would even unidle in this dynasty, or ais’ has to be considered a likely fit for an Android. Given that ais himself freely admits that his actions are anti-human, it seems very likely to me that he’s attempting to hide in plain sight.


Darknight: he/him

13-02-2015 17:55:36 UTC

for  have to add in that it looks like I too ended up getting shot at during bucky’s removal.


13-02-2015 18:30:45 UTC

Darknight, that was an Injection.  And I’m a bit miffed that all three of the Injection probes failed.


13-02-2015 18:59:41 UTC

against obviously. Also, this makes me think you’re an Android (I was unsure before this), because it makes it look like the downswing in Android activity while I was idle (which I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out) was intentional rather than coincidence.


13-02-2015 19:21:59 UTC

Although I’m glad to know that if I wish, I can idle out before “Don’t Leave Us” gets enacted, as a method of getting the Androids to stop their activity in an attempt to frame me.

Anyone got anti-Android proposals that they really want to get enacted? I should be able to idle out in enough time for you to get them through before I could possibly have a chance of Sabotaging them.


13-02-2015 19:47:32 UTC

I tried while you were idle. Still didn’t get through. Although it did annoy Josh…


13-02-2015 19:55:46 UTC

Why no vote, _Fox_?

Brendan: he/him

13-02-2015 23:33:33 UTC

for My vote from last time stands.


14-02-2015 00:41:59 UTC

imperial OK, change of plan: let’s take Josh down with me. His Mediator role means that this Deferential vote will cause him to gain 1 Clearance and thus no longer be in the lead.


14-02-2015 09:03:24 UTC

ais, if you think josh is an android why would you want him to get clearance?


14-02-2015 14:15:48 UTC

@Put: I was wondering the same thing.

@ais523: I felt a bit disenfranchised with the whole trial system when the one for Josh didn’t go through.


14-02-2015 16:42:41 UTC

against because ais helpfully tends to publicly interpret the gamestate, making it easier to make sense of what is going on in a fairly complex game.


14-02-2015 17:21:32 UTC

@Put: It doesn’t hurt me if he is an Android (and may even help, by causing Android infighting). It benefit’s me if he’s a Human. So it helps either way.

Additionally, it puts pressure on Josh to change his vote if it looks like the Trial is going to pass, thus causing it to fail, and keeping me un-Disabled; everyone’s pressured to look Human even if they aren’t, which means taking any opportunity to reduce Clearance.

Anyway, it looks like this Trial will fail regardless, so


(because all the above reasoning applies in reverse if the Trial doesn’t get four FOR votes not counting me and Josh).


14-02-2015 17:22:05 UTC

To make this easier to count: CoV CoV against