Saturday, February 19, 2011

Proposal: Two things are wrong with this rule

A core proposal is defined as “a Proposal whose changes are limited to the creation, deletion, and/or amendment of core rules and/or the glossary, and/or renaming, banning, and/or the granting or removing of admin status from one or more Cavemen” - just because this does affect a core rule, it is not limited to the core rules, and so it’s not a core proposal. Thus it falls foul of the criteria for legality set out under rule 2.1. Josh

Adminned at 19 Feb 2011 13:03:30 UTC

Remove the text:

Cavemen below a certain Intelligence may be prohibited from using certain numbers, terms or words in their proposals. If the author of a proposal breaks one of these rules (at the time the proposal is posted), any admin may flag that proposal as illegal at any time before resolution so that it ceases to be a proposal. This does not apply to core proposals. The rules are:
Cavemen with less than 40 Intelligence may not use words with more than three syllables in their proposals.
Cavemen with less than 30 Intelligence may not use any number larger than 10 in their proposals.
Cavemen with less than 20 Intelligence may not use capital letters in their proposals. Admins may opt to change all capital letters to lower-case in offending proposals instead of flagging them as illegal.
Cavemen with less than 10 Intelligence may not use any punctuations other than full stops (periods) and question marks in their proposals, and may not use words with more than two syllables.

from Rule 2.1 “Intelligence”.

Create a new, blank core rule, and repeal it.

There are two problems with 2.1.

The less important is that I can just go “Create a new, blank core rule, and repeal it.” to turn my proposal into a core proposal, thus making me exempt from the restrictions.

The more important is the idea of the rule itself: this will inevitably result in a bunch of people writing proposals and having no idea how to reword them into Cavespeak, and posting them as protosals, resulting in a backlog of protosals with relatively few proposals, leading to the game slowing down because no-one with high enough intelligence wants to post the proposals, in turn leading to a “vote-for-a-winner” proposal because it’s been a couple months without a victory condition.


Kevan: City he/him

19-02-2011 20:16:16 UTC

against Even if the rule not really working out is “inevitable”, which I don’t agree with your predictions of, there would be other ways to fix it than your old vote-for-a-winner standby.


19-02-2011 20:31:23 UTC

against prince like not using big words. prince think it is fun. it fit the flavor of this…how you say? it fit the flavor of this die nasty.


19-02-2011 20:39:27 UTC



19-02-2011 20:51:00 UTC

I imagine that trivially forcing proposals Core will just get you vetoed by Purplebeard.