Tyngwall December 10 2023 (5 comments) Agenda Settle Existing Business Propose New Business  


  1. Settle Existing Business
  2. Propose New Business



Vovix: he/him

06-12-2023 03:12:30 UTC

45 Parliamentarians support Endorsing the Prestigious Estate Claim by 7, 73 oppose it.

19 Parliamentarians support Endorsing the Positive Reputation Claim by 4, 99 oppose it.

Archivist Sophia Silverquill proposes Disowning the Hale Nameless of Westertownfordshire from holding the Faithful Claim.

Dame Tristana proposes Endorsing the Partnership claim by 9.


08-12-2023 14:58:33 UTC

I propose Denegrating the Eldest Claim by 5.


08-12-2023 15:27:22 UTC

I am against both items of existing business
I propose Denegrating the Eldest Claim by 5. (there is no rule about having unique business, so it can happen twice, yes? :) )

JonathanDark: he/him

08-12-2023 15:55:09 UTC

Just a quick note that there is no Existing Business, as the two items formerly there were removed by the CfJ Nothing Actually Proposed

JonathanDark: he/him

10-12-2023 19:45:51 UTC

Resolving a Meeting: no Existing Business to resolve.