Saturday, October 18, 2008


Whats up with the GNDT? It clear every name and it only readds you if ya comment on it.



10-18-2008 09:51:14 UTC

This always happens when the log gets cleared; it doesn’t bother listing players who don’t have any stats yet, or haven’t done anything.


10-18-2008 10:43:50 UTC

In case people get confused, I commented for everyone. Everyone’s visible now, I think.


10-18-2008 19:07:49 UTC

Thanks guys. It seemed rather odd that time, since if I recall its never cleared names before other then idled names.


10-18-2008 20:24:00 UTC

We hadn’t cleared the log before, the last one stretched back Dynasties.

While we’re talking about GNDT oddies, every now and then something called MoveDaemon posts a whole bunch of comments saying “Nightly Update”. What’s up with it?


10-19-2008 11:24:37 UTC

Looks like is a script by Greth from June 2006 (!) that’s still running on the server every night, trying to update each player’s “Moves” field by writing directly to the history log. Evidently a hangover from an earlier dynasty that someone forgot to switch off.

It just needs taking out of the cronjob; I’m trying to do that now, but the server’s being extremely slow to respond.


10-19-2008 11:29:32 UTC

Okay, it’s gone.