Monday, April 26, 2010

Vote Wakukee; Fredrico 2010!

If you are not familiar with Working on the Space Station, check it out Here.

Vote Wakukee for the Space Station Dynasty! Explore space with your friendly Space Octopus Pal! Fight dangerous aliens (maybe)! Become the Ultamate Adventurer(tm)!

Though, if more people want it, I can run the Triumvirate Dynasty instead. I and the 2 runner-up candidates would serve as co-emperors.



27-04-2010 16:15:27 UTC

Well that was a fun read.


27-04-2010 19:19:10 UTC

It annoys me that no one mentioned explosive decompression until the second page of the thread, but you still get my for.


28-04-2010 00:52:48 UTC

against  What would the game mechanics be? (But I do like triumvirate.)