Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vow of Silence.

I’m about to take a Vow of Silence, but I’m not sure if I’d break the vow by announcing it. According to the ruleset, the making of the post is the act of undergoing the vow, so the vow goes in effect the second I’d supposedly break it. I’d like to hear your opinions on how we’d rule this, and for someone to fix it if necessary.

In the meantime, please consider my next post to be a notice that I’m taking the vow.


Elias IX:

05-04-2006 19:36:10 UTC

Nah, s’only the second the post is actually posted, and you typed the post before you posted it, so I’m fairly sure it’s good.


05-04-2006 20:17:21 UTC

I don’t see a problem. The final part of posting notice is to submit your post, and only after that is the vow in effect.