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Proposal: We are not alone! 2

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

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If exists a wiki page called “Trails” rename it as “Trails and Enemies”, update every occurrence of the old name in the Ruleset and split the wiki page in two sections, “Trails” and “Enemies”
In Rule Trails Replace:

As a weekly action, an Ant who is Above Ground and who has at least 1 Food by spending 1 food may search the surroundings by rolling DICEX, where X is 5 plus the amount of existing Trails. If the result is 3 or less, they succeed, and may create a new Trail. If the result is 4 or 5, they get lost and lose 1 additional Food. If the result is greater than 5, they find a resource that has already been discovered, and nothing happens.


As a weekly action, an Ant who is Above Ground and who has at least 2 Food by spending 1 Food may search the surroundings by rolling DICEX, where X is 6 plus the amount of existing Trails. If the result is 3 or less, they succeed, and may create a new Trail. If the result is 4 or 5, they get lost and lose 1 additional Food, in that case they can perform this action one more time this week after the day after. If the result is greater than 5, they meet an Enemy and shall thus create it (see Enemies).

Create a new rule “Enemies”

An Enemy is a NPC with given Health and Strength to be fought by the Ants. They may have special abilities. They are not listed in the GNDT but in the section “Enemies” of the wiki page “[[Trails and Enemies]]”. The Ant that discovers the Enemy shall create it.
When an Ant shall create a new Enemy they shall do as follow:
To find the distance of the Enemy from the colony roll DICEY where Y is the number of living Enemies plus the number of Corpse Trails.
To find what Species of Enemy the Ant will meet they must roll DICE10.
- on 1 or 2 they meet another Enemy ant, with Health 15, Strength 8. Enemy ants shall be considered Enemies and not Ants.
- on 3 or 4 a Spider with Health 15 and Strength 10.
- on 5 a Scorpion with Health 20 and Strength 15.
- on 6 a Centipede with Health 25 and Strength 12.
- on 7 a Snail with Health 30 and Strength 9;
- on 8 a Little Newborn Mouse with Health 40 and Strength 13;
- on 9 a Ladybird that flies away, and they feel so lucky in having seen such a terrible and blood thirsty animal (and having survived to tell the story) that they get 1 Food and 2 Health.
- on 10 they get squeezed by a Larger Animal and die.
Larger Animals and Ladybirds are not Enemies.
Eventually they shall give it a Name, containing the Species name (eg. Johnny the Enemy ant for an Enemy ant).
Every alive Enemy must be listed on the wiki page with Name, Strength, Health, list of Fighters and discover date/time.
The Ant that found an Enemy shall begin to fight it without paying any food.

Add a new rule, “Combat”:

If an Enemy has been found less than 48 hours before (2 days) any Soldier or Worker wich is AboveGround may start Fighting it by spending its distance from the colony in Food. They shall write their name in the Enemy Fighters list in the wiki and change their location to Fighting.
48 hours after the discovery any Ant may Resolve the Fight. They shall roll DICEZ, where Z is twice the enemy’s Strength minus the number of Ants in the fight*, for every Ant involved and subtract the result from each Ant’s Health. Then they must roll a DICE6 for every Ant involved, sum the results together and add 5 for every Soldier involved. If the result is bigger than the Creature’s Healt the Creature dies, if not it flees. In both cases they shall remove the Enemy from the list. They shall add 10 CP to every survived Ant if the Enemy dies or 5 if it flees, and they may add up to 4 CP to themselves.
If the Enemy died they shall create a new Corpse Trail with the same name of the Enemy. It shall have the same Distance as the Enemy and Size equal to the Enemy’s health divided by 5 plus the number of dead Ants in that Fight. Corpse Trails are like Filling Trails under any aspect, but the Ants that are in Fighting location but not listed in any Enemy on the wiki can follow the Trail created with their last Fight for free, if it exists. They shall then change their location to AboveGround.
Ants in Fighting location may not use any action described in the Dynastic Rules except Resolving a Fight and Following a Trail, but only in the way described in this Rule, and they may leave to AboveGround, if they are not listed as Fighting in the wiki page.
*: Z=2*(enemystrength-antsnumber)

This is quite massive, and I know that the Combat sistem is really slow, but it is the best way I found to make it cohoperative, we can go killing together or to save someone else. Oh I put a little bit of flavour I hope you will not hate it ;) The enemies can get really many and different: I thought to make the Scorpion and the Spider poisonous but it would have been way too much for a single Proposal…
The enemies are quite unbalanced. I want to try it once or twice before improving them.


Darknight: he/him

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I agree ... clunky. It can be streamlined, and the spelling errors fixed. I’m also iffy on one player causing all other fighting ants health to go down. Seems to be asking for abuse. You could start a fight with only a few ants there just to try and get the ants killed.


25-01-2011 10:50:35 UTC

@Chivalrybean What do you mean with abuse? If you start a fight you have to fight in it, and when an Ant may resolve a fight the fight is already “ended”, because no Ant can join it.


25-01-2011 13:20:25 UTC

against per Chivalrybean!
@ Ely: Actually the proposal says: “48 hours after the discovery any Ant may Resolve the Fight.” So any ant can do it, whether it is involved in the fight or not.


25-01-2011 14:57:39 UTC

Yes it was meant, being quite an hard and long process, any volounteer can do it and get up to 4 CP for their service to the Society. They may choose the actual quantity following Conscience.


25-01-2011 16:23:05 UTC

Yes, I agree, I read it as any ant (in the fight or not) can resolve it. Not only could an ant resolve it without consequence, they could purposely resolve it when a single ant is in the fight so that ant gets killed.


25-01-2011 16:44:26 UTC

Yes but the point is: the fight SHALL be resolved after 2 days: any Ant can do it, but it is inevitable. A fight has alway a 48 hours duration, after that time, if it is resolved by a fighting Ant or any other Ant, in 30 days or 49 hours will not change it: no Ant can join the battle! Anyway we can create a rule such as Ants can [try and] flee from combat, and change the two days in 3 or 4 if it is too fast.


25-01-2011 18:48:31 UTC

Check out the wild west/poker theme dynasty for a combat mechanic that was fairly streamlined, and under which a lot of combats were resolved.


25-01-2011 19:01:25 UTC

I’ll check. Thanks


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Roujo: he/him

25-01-2011 22:30:55 UTC

against Per much of the above.


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Kevan: he/him

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against Self kill, and I must remember to never write proposals after math lessons (and partially during) ;)