Friday, July 03, 2015

Proposal: What did you find?

Passes 4-1, enacted 01:13 by Tantusar.

Adminned at 04 Jul 2015 01:13:53 UTC

1. Add an item, Food, to the GNDT, and give all Tribes 10 Food.

2. Add a rule, Food:

Tribes who join the game or unidle will be given 10 Food.
A Tribe with 0 Food can, as a Daily Action, give itself 5 Food.

3. If Psycho Path reaches quorum, add to the rule Convoys:

When a Convoy you own changes its Position, subtract 1 Food from your total and roll a DICE8 in the GNDT. Include the result in the comment declaring the Convoy’s change in Position. If the result is a 1, subtract 2 Food from your total. If the result is an 8, add 4 Food.



07-03-2015 12:48:26 UTC

for Not so keen on the random die rolls, and “when a Convoy you own changes its Position” is sometimes going to trigger while that player is asleep (since other Tribes do the movement when it’s in their territory), but paying a resource to move along routes makes a nice amount of sense.


07-03-2015 13:03:58 UTC

“Tribes who join the game or unidle will be given 10 Food.”

So you can idle and undile yourself for a free 10 Food - this needs to specify Tribes unidling for the first time.

Also not a fan of dice rolls so against but I do like the concept.


07-03-2015 13:12:33 UTC

I think tactical idling is pretty much eliminated by the four day delay on being unidled again, which is more than enough time to patch this. (We usually just say “players have Food, defaulting to 10” when creating new variables, although it looks as if “defaulting” isn’t as defined as I thought it was. I’ll put it on the laundry list.)


07-03-2015 14:10:53 UTC



07-03-2015 22:03:33 UTC