Monday, May 02, 2011

What do y’all think?

I have noticed that this is not the first time that the user udqbpn has made meaningless posts/proposals that can be constituted as spam.  I also noticed that a CfJ to ban him from the site failed (I assume on the presumption that he was not in fact the one posting these posts and that his account had somehow been compromised).  Well, now he is still posting these nonsense posts, and has never stated that he has not been the one posting these all along.  Yes, Purplebeard was able to veto his latest proposal, but he could easily halt the game entirely through a DoV.

That being said, I think something needs to happen if he does not cease this behavior.  Simply idling him would prevent any of these posts actually affecting gamestate while not banning him completely from the site.  On the other hand, if this gets any worse, we may need to consider more serious action.




05-02-2011 17:40:01 UTC

I’m a full sister of udqbpn. I would like to get to know you better, “YODA.” I would also like to mention here, that I am an art major at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Now you know a little bit about me.


05-02-2011 17:58:39 UTC

I’m not trying to make this personal.  I’m just pointing out what I see and asking if udq will stop doing what he’s doing.  His actions are a disruption to the rest of us.  Even if it’s just meaningless proposals, they still clog up the queue and take time to veto and admin out of the queue.

I looked at his posts, and he has not made a serious post *that I can tell* since the beginning of the month.


05-02-2011 18:34:41 UTC

I think that if he does not explain here, we should Idle him via CfJ, then make an ultimatum. If he goes on (say 2 meaningless posts in a row) we ban him (via CfJ). Just my two cents.
I’d prefer see him explaining, though.


05-02-2011 20:37:02 UTC

What Ely said. It’s getting a bit annoying, really. I’m not here as often as I’d like because of the end of term, but when I do have the time to read proposals and vote, I keep seeing useless posts. =P


05-03-2011 01:12:54 UTC

I support Ely because Hiatus would be very annoying .


05-03-2011 08:08:32 UTC

Seems fair enough to make a simple “idle this player, they may not be unidled, allow any admin to delete any posts made by them” proposal, creating a temporary dynastic rule, to remind Udqbpn how easily a Nomic can reroute around something that half the players consider to be a problem.