Friday, April 16, 2010

Proposal: When It’s Ajar

Timed out 5 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 18 Apr 2010 08:53:06 UTC

In Rule 2.2 (Settlement), replace “If any single Location would be in more than one Room, only the largest counts as a Room.” with:-

If any single Location (which is not a Door) would be in more than one Room, only the largest of those Rooms counts as a Room. Door Locations are considered to be part of any Rooms which they are adjacent to.

Making Doors a part of each Room they open onto, rather than not part of any Rooms at all.



16-04-2010 15:25:48 UTC

against Incorrect wording in the last sentence.  Should be “Door Locations are considered to be part of any Room that they are not part of the boundary for.”  or at least something along that line.  Your wording has it so that exterior doors are considered Indoors, which was the whole purpose of (Paraphased) “Door locations are not considered Indoors.”

Josh: he/they

16-04-2010 15:28:24 UTC

imperial I like how many proposals this dynasty seems to have generated on the subject of how doors should be defined.

Kevan: City he/him

16-04-2010 15:39:59 UTC

[SeerPenguin] Is that a problem? If someone’s standing in a doorway to a room, we can decide to either count them as being inside the room, or outside it. Counting as being in the room seems more coherent; it’s a little odd that if I’m standing in the doorway between two rooms, I am in neither room.

This does also fix an oversight in my earlier proposal, though - currently, if you’re standing in a doorway in the middle of the mountain, the fact that you aren’t in a Room means that you’re actually considered to be Outside.


16-04-2010 16:20:45 UTC

[Kevan] I have no problem with someone being on the location of an INTERIOR door being considered Inside (They should be.), but THIS also includes EXTERIOR doors as Inside.  To me, Exterior doors are still pretty much Outside (If you open up a door in your house to the outside, don’t you start feeling the effects of whatever is outside, whether that be hot or cold or precipitation of some sort?).  The current definition has ALL doors as Outside, and that is wrong, but so is this.


16-04-2010 17:17:06 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

16-04-2010 19:54:57 UTC

[SeerPenguin] Fair point, but it goes both ways - you’d also feel the effects of anything happening just inside your front door. Maybe we could say that Doors adjacent to Outside Locations count as being both Inside and Outside?


16-04-2010 21:00:43 UTC

[Kevan] That is an interesting point… hmm

Darknight: he/him

17-04-2010 23:39:12 UTC



18-04-2010 01:03:45 UTC

imperial  I don’t see why this matters at all.

Kevan: City he/him

18-04-2010 10:59:39 UTC

[Darth] If you’re standing in a doorway between two rooms inside the mountain, the current ruleset considers you not to be in any rooms, and to be “Outside”.

There isn’t much that’s affected by it yet - if you’re in an interior doorway your Stress be unaffected by Dwarves dying in rooms either side of you, and you will be affected by a Dwarf dying in the distance outside - but it’ll continue to interact weirdly with any future use of “Room” or “Outside”.