Saturday, November 18, 2023

Story Post: Wizard Duel 16

Wizard Ring:

1. JonathanDark
2. Vovix
3. Snisbo
4. Kevan
5. Bucky
6. Zack
7. lendunistus
8. Raven1207

DOOM CLOUD is banned

There is no gewgaw

Spell list is at:


Clucky: he/him

19-11-2023 19:39:46 UTC

this duel is now pending

Clucky: he/him

19-11-2023 19:46:23 UTC

Vovix casts Magical Armor

Snisbo misdirects spells cast on her onto Kevan

JonathanDark upgrades his beard

Kevan casts gift on Snisbo, which gets redirected on to Kevan. Kevan earns 3 stars and the “Thanks, Me!” achivement

Bucky burns Vovix. Vovix is protected by magical armor, but JonathanDark and Snisbo are both effected

Zack uses his forked staff to cast Gift onto both Kevan and Bucky. Kevan and Bucky both earn 3 stars.

Lendun burns Vovix. Voxix is protected by magical armor, but JonathanDark and Snisbo are both effected. Having protected six stars, Vovix earns the Safe and Sound achievement.

Raven uses Siphon. Only Kevan and Bucky received stars from spells, so Kevan loses 1 star and Raven gains one star


JonathanDark loses 6 stars (1 from Charm, 5 from Upgrade, 2 from the double burn)

Vovix’s stars no not change. Vovix earns the Safe and Sound achievement

Snisbo loses two stars

Kevan earns six stars (1 from charm, 6 from gifts, -1 from Siphon) and the “Thanks, Me!” achievement

Bucky earns 5 stars (2 from charm, 3 from gifts)

Zack earns a net of 0 stars (forked spell costs one, gets one back from charm)

Lendun earns 2 stars from charm

Raven earns 3 stars, 2 from charm and 1 from Siphon

Kevan earns one high mark

Clucky: he/him

19-11-2023 19:50:15 UTC

(Raven actually earned 2 stars due to nature of the spell he cast)

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