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Proposal: A Challenging Proposal

Times out 7-0—arthexis

Adminned at 28 Sep 2008 13:00:18 UTC

Create a new rule “Battles”, placing it right before rule “Moves” in the Ruleset, and give it this text:

Dragons may fight with each other, and such an event is called a Battle. There are two types of Battles: Duels and Challenges. If a Dragon is currently participating in a battle, its Breeder may not join another battle at the same time. Sub-rules “Duels” and “Challenges” explain how to start and join battles, while sub-rule “System” explains how to proceed once a battle starts. Battles may not take place if these three sub-rules are not defined. All battles are handled through story posts (one for each battle) and the story post where a battle takes place is called the Battle Thread. The Breeder that starts a Battle Thread is known as the Host, other Breeders that participate in that battled are the Guests. When a Battle Thread is created, its Host may include “[Hardcore]” in its tittle. If the Host doesn’t, any participant may retreat at any time by making a comment of “Retreat!” on the Battle Thread, and thus loses the battle.

Create sub-rule “Duels” under rule “Battles”:

A Breeder who is not currently in a battle may announce a Duel by creating a Battle Thread with “[Duel]” at the beginning of its title. The text of the story post must contain the following information: the name of another Breeder (the Guest to be, or Invitee) who the poster attempts to duel and the amount of Cookies that will be bet on the Duel. Then, the Host must spend an amount of Cookies equal to the amount that was bet on the story post. The Invitee has up to 48 hours to respond to the duel by making a comment on the story post and spending an amount of Cookies equal to the amount that was bet on the story post, then makes a roll of DICE2 on the GNDT. On a result of 1, the Guest takes the first turn that battle, otherwise the other Host does. If the Invitee does not join the battle within 48 hours, the Battle is canceled and the Host obtains all the Cookies that where spent on the bet for that Battle Thread. The winner of a Duel adds an amount of Cookies equal to twice the amount that was bet. No more comments are allowed on the Battle Thread once the winner has been decided.

Create sub-rule “Challenges” under rule “Battles”:

A Dragonmaster who is not currently in a battle may announce a Challenge by creating a Battle Thread with “[Challenge]” at the beginning of its title. The text of the story post must specify an admittance cost in Cookies that must be spent by Breeders joining in the Challenge, and the full stats, name and color of the Dragon that the Dragonmaster will be considered to be using for that challenge (the stats can be anything that the Dragonmaster wants, and are valid only within that Battle Thread) Breeders not currently in battle may join the Challenge and become Guests by spending the Cookie admittance cost specified, but only if there are no other Guests in the Challenge. Upon joining, a Guest has a turn immediately. If a Guest loses the battle, that Breeder stops being a Guest but the Battle Thread continues, allowing other Breeders to join. If a Guest wins, that Breeder obtains an amount of Cookies equal to three times the admittance cost, then the Challenge ends and no more Breeders may join.




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against  imperial


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for  for because two symbols are the in thing


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Can ya clear up the challenge part for me?


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You can create a Challenge making a most and specifying a Cookie amount. You also get to make up the stats of any dragon you wish and specify them on said post (after all, you are the dragon master)Then people can try to battle you paying the admittance cost in cookies in order to get into the battle. You only battle 1 breeder at a time, but when a breeder loses the battle some one can take its place paying cookies and battling and so forth until someone wins. Then, that breeder takes triple cookies.


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for ok then


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