Thursday, December 10, 2009

A diamond in the rough

TrumanCapote has just bumped into a beautiful princess in the market of Aghraba, and has thus unidled. Quorum stays the same.



12-10-2009 10:36:30 UTC

I also unidle, but won’t bother making a whole blog post about it. Quorum rises to nine.


12-10-2009 15:33:45 UTC

Why is TrumanCapote not in the GNDT?


12-10-2009 15:47:49 UTC

He’s in the dropdown, he just won’t appear in the table until he has some kind of variable set. This is an old GNDT quirk.


12-10-2009 16:45:24 UTC

Apparently, you only need to select him as the “player to adjust” to make him appear.


12-10-2009 18:12:44 UTC

Contrariwise, I’m going on xmas holidays today.  Woo for 14 hour flights… and then more flights.  Australia’s a damn long way from a lot of places.  I’ll be idle until January or so.


12-10-2009 18:18:23 UTC

(Quorum drops to 8).

On a side-note, every time I add or subtract someone from the active list it bugs me that the idle players are comma-separated and the active ones aren’t.


12-10-2009 18:26:59 UTC


Anyone care to send me my GNDT password as well?


12-10-2009 18:43:42 UTC

Sent, via private message.


12-10-2009 18:45:20 UTC

Truman: assuming you remember the GNDT administrator password you could’ve just looked it up.  It’s still the same.


12-10-2009 19:15:04 UTC

Definitely don’t remember that either.  Remembering passwords you haven’t consistently used in over four years is hard.


12-10-2009 19:18:41 UTC

I actually use it as my password for other things now. I like it. It’s a nice password.


12-10-2009 19:42:09 UTC

... did you just reveal that a password that other people know is one that you use for personal things? ;)


12-10-2009 19:42:21 UTC

@Josh: Yeah, reveal your password to me. Great idea.


12-10-2009 19:42:44 UTC

Posted at the same time as NOI.


12-10-2009 19:43:42 UTC

Truman: depends who you are.  Remembering passwords I haven’t used is easy.  The tricky bit is remembering what they’re for, because there’s much less memorization involved.  I have numbers and passwords filed in my head from all kinds of stuff.


12-10-2009 19:49:35 UTC

Excalabur: Yeah, but you’re probably in your home country’s military or something, seeing as how you live in Australia but “aren’t Australian”.

(...if you’re not in your home country’s military, then how does that work, anyway?)


12-10-2009 19:50:53 UTC

DC, NOI: yes, but I was lying.


12-10-2009 20:22:50 UTC

Josh: But how do we know you’re not just lying NOW to cover up your earlier truth? MWAHAHAHA!!!


12-10-2009 20:24:52 UTC

Try it and find out :D