Thursday, July 13, 2017

Proposal: A Friend for the Scorned

Reached quorum 8-0 with one DEF. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 14 Jul 2017 15:33:47 UTC

If and only if the “Ibiza”, “Mana-eaters” and “Scorn” rules exists, do the following:

A Pactmaker may “summon” an imp mana-eater to the Ibiza square on which they currently occupy if the following conditions are satisfied:
1. The Pactmaker is not undergoing Extreme Seizures and is not the subject of a Magic Backlash Official Post.
2. The Pactmaker does not already own a summoned imp mana-eater
3. The Pactmaker has at least 5 unique promises which are scorned by one or more Pactmakers.

Once an imp is summoned, it is displayed on the Ibiza square under the name “[Pactmamker]‘s Imp” If the summoning Pactmaker no longer has at least 5 scorned promises, the imp is “unsummoned” and is removed from the Ibiza square.

I like the idea of meeting certain (perhaps opposing) conditions in order to create mana-eaters. Further incentivizes making weighty promises



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07-13-2017 09:08:40 UTC

I suppose “do the following” can be read as “create a new rule with this text”?


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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07-13-2017 14:56:17 UTC

Updated the text, still getting used to writing proposals :)


07-13-2017 15:12:40 UTC

Don’t forget you can’t change official posts if there is a voting icon on it or if it’s 6 hours old.


07-13-2017 15:19:42 UTC

This’ll have to be reverted back to the last version (which Expression Engine can do but I’ve never actually done - any knowers know if “Load Revision” followed by submit does the Right Thing?)


07-13-2017 15:24:26 UTC

Update: I did “Load Revision” on revision 6 and “Submit” but I also don’t see a difference between that and revision 7.

Anyway, sorry about that. If there is a difference you’ll have to make it in a new proposal.


07-13-2017 15:33:44 UTC

I think the only difference was “do the following” turned into “create a new rule with this text”


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07-13-2017 17:31:15 UTC

for Quoruming


07-13-2017 17:38:43 UTC

I intend to, if I admin this and nobody explicitly objects, do so as if “do the following” means create a rule, since it’s clear what the intention is.


07-14-2017 12:42:09 UTC

for Although I argue that all Mana-eaters will have to be on the same square, because:

Mana-eaters are on a square of the Ibiza map or none.