Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Proposal: Action Fix (Take 2)

5-0. Timed out.—Chronos

Adminned at 13 May 2007 04:18:58 UTC

Modify the rule “Machine in Action” to read:

At any given time, the Machine is considered to be either “Running” or “Standing by”. At the moment this paragraph is added to the Ruleset, the Machine is Standing by.

When the Machine is Standing by, it becomes Running if any of the following occur:

* The order or contents of the list of Parts on the “Machine Parts” page change (including the addition or removal of a Part).
* The location of a Part on the Workbench changes
* A Worker is added to or removed from the list of Active Workers in the blog sidebar.
* A Proposal becomes Enacted. In this case, the specified effects of said Proposal occur before the Machine becomes Running.
* A value which the Ruleset requires to be tracked in the GNDT changes.

When the Machine becomes Running, the following steps take place, in order:

* Step 1 - If any Rule other than this Rule requires changes to be made to the Gamestate, those changes are made as usual, until no such changes are required. (If there is an infinite loop within the Ruleset itself, no out will be provided, of course. Don’t let that happen.)
* Step 2 - If the location of each Part on the workbench and the state of each part on the “Machine Parts” page is identical to any previous iteration of Step 2 since the machine was most recently Standing By then the Machine becomes Standing by, and any remaining steps are not performed.
* Step 3 - If no requirements for the Initiator of any Part are satisfied, then the Machine becomes Standing by, and any remaining steps are not performed.
* Step 4 - The parts on the Machine Parts page are examined in order from top to bottom. The first part whose Initiator conditions are met has its Effects carried out as indicated.
* Step 5 - Repeat Steps 1-5 in order, until a Step indicates that remaining steps are not to be performed.

This version is much simplified by only allowing one part to run at a time, rather than having all parts run from a snapshot



05-09-2007 19:33:08 UTC

again, top to bottom, good, I agree with that, however, top right or top left?  do you do column 1 then 2? or top row then next to top row?


05-09-2007 21:11:16 UTC

That’s top to bottom on the Machine Parts page…not the Workbench page.


05-09-2007 22:38:04 UTC

ah, alright :p then yes, it works :)  for


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