Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Activity Report for 11/23

Odin reaches into his leather bag and pulls out a couple of runes.

The first rune: Uruz. Olympia is struck by an earthquake, which destroys the two unprotected Temples.

The second: Kenaz. The Force Dome around the remaining Temple is destroyed.

The final: Odhal. The last Temple in Olympia is incinerated.

Olympia no longer has any Temples, so Chronos’s Avatar is destroyed. Unfortunately, Chronos loses all of eir remaining Quintessence, and cannot take any other game action until this time tomorrow except such sundries as writing proposals and voting. Chronos now possesses seven temples.


Incidentally, we now have a rule that prohibits the strict duplication of Powers amogst the Deities. What do we do with all of the repeated instances of Sign-Smite and Sign-Inspire? I essentially created a Sign-Smite type power, but had to add an extra component to make it legal.

Incidentally, I have trouble reading English. =P

There is no such prohibition against duplicate powers, excepting a Universal component.


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