Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Activity Report for the 11/23th

I’ve just:
- Created the Undo Power (1 Quint)
- Used Fading Away to get ridden of Outraged Mob (Can’t create any powers using either Holy Day, Wrath, Mob or Smite for the next 24 hours)
- Used Undo to destroy False Odin’s temples at Athens, Sparta, Dodona, Troy and Delphi (5 Quint)
- Used Genesis on said cities
- Claimed Godhead (I had 7 temples at that moment, against 5 temples remaing to each of Baron Samedi and False Odin).
- Used Godhead Land to create Olympia (1 Quint).
- Used Genesis at Olympia
- Create 3 Avatar related powers (3 Quint)
- Created an Avatar at Olympia using Wow (3 Quint)
- Glimpsed at Olympia (1 Quint)
- Used Immanent Glimpse to create another temple in Olympia and Guardian to give that Temple a Force Dome.
- Created Blessing (1 Quint)
- Used it in one temple of each of Athens, Sparta, Dodona, Troy, Delphi, Olympia and Kingstown


The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 13:54:01 UTC

It seems to me that you have exceeded the number of allowed powers… only powers that have a Might component mentioning Avatars do not count agains the limit, not Worship components.


26-11-2005 23:45:41 UTC

I’m behind with game events, so I will have to double-check this later.