Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ascension Address: Address to the faculty

To the Faculty:

It has come to my attention that certain rumours are being spread by certain persons, who I will not name (You know who you are), making all matter of unsubstantiated allegation about the new reservoir. These rumours claim that it is “poisoned” by a “colour” out of “space”, and that drinking from it will cause you to “grey” and then “crumble”. This is, of course, pure rubbish. Recent tests conducted by leading biologists have discovered that the new water supply, is in fact, healthier than normal water. Any “tint” or bitter taste claimed by these rumourmongers is simply the result of an overactive imagination.

I sincerly hope that I do not have to hear about this again, for if I do, there will be consequences for all involved.

Dr. Rodney, Director,
Miskatonic University, Arkham.

Change Vegetable to Student.
Change Top Banana to Director.
Change Rotten to Sleeping.
Repeal all Dynastic rules.


Clucky: he/him

02-11-2006 17:06:55 UTC

Don’t you need to clear the GNDT as well?


02-11-2006 17:47:57 UTC

He doesn’t have to declare the GNDT cleared… that just kind of happens “at the same time” as the rules go out the window.  Is anyone working on doing the keyword updates and repeals?  If it’s not done in an hour or so, I’ll do it.

for on the new theme!


02-11-2006 18:44:45 UTC

I’ve done what I could.  The GNDT looks empty, but I’m not able to actually clear the data logs. 

Oh, and I don’t know how to send out an Ascension Alert.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-11-2006 01:34:35 UTC

>Oh, and I don’t know how to send out an Ascension Alert.

Kevan has to do that, at least outside of our inhouse message system. We ought to pester him into giving one of us access to the Yahoo account so we can do such things.

Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2006 03:37:06 UTC

Please do. I thought I’d already given someone access to it, but forget who.

Message sent, anyway. I might unidle next week.