Monday, November 14, 2005

Proposal: Ages and Victory

Failed, 3-5, timed out.—smith

Adminned at 16 Nov 2005 15:26:20 UTC

Rewrite the Age of Peace and the Age of Prosperity as:

Age of Prosperity - When switching to this Age, set all Deities’ Quintessence equal to the highest amount of Quintessence held by any Deity, or 10 Quintessence, whichever is higher.

Age of Peace - During this Age, Cities cannot be destroyed. A Power which would destroy a City can be used, but that effect does not happen.

Also add these Ages:

Age of War - During this Age, new Cities cannot be founded. A Power which would create a City can be used, but that effect does not happen.

Age of Tradition - During this Age, no new Powers or Incarnations may be created. Temples may not be converted or transferred from one Incarnation to another. A Power which would have any of these effects may be used, but the prohibited effects do not occur.

Age of Reckoning: ((Worthiness)) - During an Age of Reckoning, any Deity which meets the Worthiness qualification may Declare Victory. If there are several Deities who meet the qualification, any of em may Declare Victory. The defined Worthiness keywords are:

* Age of Reckoning: Worship - The Deity whose Incarnation has the most Temples.

* Age of Reckoning: Godhead = The Deity who is the Godhead.

* Age of Reckoning: Worldliness = The Deity whose Incarnation has founded the majority of the current Cities.

* Age of Reckoning: Spirituality = The Deity with the most Quintessence.

* Age of Reckoning: Potence = The Deity whose Incarnation has the most Powers.

* Age of Reckoning: Avatar = The Deity whose Avatar has the highest Life Points.



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Not so thematic, as far as the victory conditions. I’ll try to write up some interesting proposals in the next day or two.


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Kevan: City he/him

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