Friday, November 11, 2005

Angra Mainyu spells trouble

So pushing the Universal power Component to its logical extreme, I have created a Universal Smite power available to all Deities. So, if you see a Temple you don’t like, Smite it!

I have smitten:

Athens: Chronos, Baron Samedi, Mithras
Sparta: Chronos
Uruk: Chronos, Enki
New Orleans: Baron Samedi
Port au Prince: Baron Samedi
Havana: Baron Samedi
Dodona: Chronos
Troy: Chronos
Delphi: Chronos
Tobago: Baron Samedi
Domnigo Santo Domnigo: Baron Samedi


Angry Grasshopper:

11-11-2005 21:14:16 UTC

I smite,
You smite,
He smites,
They smite,
We smite.

I have smitten…


11-11-2005 23:31:43 UTC

Day and night, I love to smite. That’s right, I’m smitten with smiting.