Friday, November 04, 2005

Ankh-Morpok was just uncreated

You can only use a Holy Day Power once per day.



04-11-2005 19:57:34 UTC

Thank you.  I misinterpreted the Universal-Holy Day combination.


04-11-2005 20:01:55 UTC

Hmmm. Ok. You were using My new power, not reusing Yours… Your action *was* legal. Redoing it


04-11-2005 20:16:02 UTC

Yes, I indicated that when I created the city.  As the rules are now, it seems a little ambiguous whether Universal-Holy Day powers may be used often by each Diety, or whether they may only be used a total of once per day.  If the former, then my action was legal.  If the latter, I have a proposal ready to forbid U-HD U-Festival combinations (not that I have any grudge, but it just isn’t fun to have a power that makes people wait around hoping to be the first one to use it for the day).

Kevan: City he/him

04-11-2005 21:02:07 UTC

Doesn’t seem ambiguous from here. “This power can be used by any Deity. Power cannot be used more than often.” - there’s nothing about it creating copies of powers, or anything. And yes, this isn’t fun.


04-11-2005 23:39:34 UTC

I agree with Kevan. I think the power itself can only be used once per day, by anyone.