Saturday, December 13, 2008

Answering the Questions

Is the name “Rodlen” mentioned in the Secret Rule?  No (In fact, no character is mentioned by name in the secret rule.)

Will PP, Location and relationship stats have more meaning do to the Secret Rule?  Yes, in a way.

Are there circumstances under which the secret rule would change whether or not Jason would die?  Yes

Taking the secret rule into account, will Rodlen win this dynasty?  At the moment, no.  But that can always change.

Is ‘metadynasty’ mentioned in the Secret Rule?  No

Is ‘Woodchuck’ mentioned in the Secret Rule?  No



13-12-2008 16:03:31 UTC

That…can’t be good…


13-12-2008 16:14:39 UTC

What I meant was that if the secret rule went into effect now and the dynasty ended now, you would not win.


13-12-2008 16:18:14 UTC

I guess that means I need more of everything.


13-12-2008 20:21:46 UTC

Well, the problem might be that the majority of the people are on the negative side. If I had to guess, there might be some sort of numerical imbalance rule.

That could be it. That might also not be it.

Darknight: he/him

14-12-2008 03:57:52 UTC

could be eljefe, given that my q got a sorta yes lol.