Saturday, August 04, 2007

Proposal: Proposal: Ape Your Moves

Not a valid proposal.——Clucky

Adminned at 04 Aug 2007 16:10:13 UTC

The following dance move shall be added to section 2.2, ‘Doing the Dance’:

(Ape your moves) Rather than invoking the remainder of this monkey’s section, invoke the entirety of the previous monkey’s section.

A new section shall be added, ‘Ape your moves’:

When the dance move ‘Ape your moves’ is successfully invoked, then the entire dance section of the previous monkey shall be repeated, otherwise ignoring the number of allowed dance moves. If the previous section was also an aped section, then the section aped shall instead be repeated. And so forth.

If the dance move ‘Ape your moves’ is invoked in any other position than the first of a monkey’s section of dance moves, then that dance move shall be ignored, and the remainder of the monkey’s section shall also be ignored.

If the dance move ‘Ape your moves’ is invoked as the first step of the Dance, then an Infinite Loop shall be declared, halting processing of the entire Dance, and the invoking monkey shall be removed from the line and placed into the Barrel.



08-04-2007 23:09:16 UTC

Not valid as you are not a monkey yet. And I don’t think I like it anyways