Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ascension Address: Ascension Address

“I am sooo going to Hell for this”

“I thought you were headed there already”

“Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?”

“Of course not!  It’s a reflex by now”


“You are here to learn how to sculpt magic.  To those of you who think they can make magic by waving their hands and shouting nonsense, pick up your marbles and go home.  True magic is shaped with hammer and chisel over a period of days.”

“These six runes here are the foundation of all magic.  Learn their every detail.  Make each stroke carefully and incisively – using an imperfect rune in a spell chain is a grave mistake you won’t make twice.  And pay attention to what you’re doing.  If I nick someone for knapping on the job, I will get tuff on my unfortunate quarry…”

Repeal all Dynastic Rules except for “King Anthony’s Crown”.  Change “Player” to “Apprentice” and “Leader” to “Artisan” throughout the ruleset.



11-06-2009 05:38:15 UTC

I feel honored to remain in the ruleset. It makes me giggle mischievously.


11-09-2009 03:20:39 UTC

I’ve kept a single rule around every ascension, so it’s kinda tradition by now.