Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Proposal: Atomic Submarine

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 01 Aug 2019 09:10:07 UTC

In “The Watch”, replace the text after the first sentence with:

Once per Watch, a Captain may send the Admiral a private message listing the square their Vessel/s moves to, their Vessel/s’s facing, and the square/s their Vessel/s shoot at. Such a private message is known as an Order.

After a Watch has ended, the Admiral may perform the following steps as an atomic action, called a Chart Update:
* Update the Chart to reflect the new positions of all Vessels, Shots and Objects, resolving all Orders received during this Watch before the beginning of the Chart Update in the order that they were received.
* If any Vessels have suffered Damage or have been Sunk, the Admiral will update the GNDT to reflect these changes.
* Removing all Shots marked on the Chart.
* Recording this Chart Update in the wiki, on the page titled Ship’s Log.

Replace “Once per Watch” in this new text with “As a Maritime action”, if “like a craction” has been enacted.



30-07-2019 02:20:45 UTC

AA safety audit: Steps 2 and 4 are publicly visible, with step 4 making steps 1 and 3 visible. Any mistakes in steps 1-4 would potentially result in Admiral dynastic action lockout, with the current effects being that he could not start the new Watch until they were redone right, and that maritime actions, including secret actions, would be invalid up to that point.

Captains could probably help out with publicly obvious step 2 mistakes by correcting the GNDT, but most mistakes would likely be only privately recognizable and/or fixable, due to orders’ PM nature.

Estimated likelihood of lockouts: high.
Inconvenience of lockouts: high.
Difficulty of resolving lockouts: med-high.
Recommendation: Should not be made an AA. Instead, give Admiral a way to fix mistakes after the Watch has started.


30-07-2019 02:23:34 UTC

I like the reorganizing you did, but I hate dealing with AAs. Would vote yes to turn them off.


30-07-2019 04:23:36 UTC

I thought that we made it impossible to be locked out of dynastic actions via AA with the addition of this clause
“If a Wizard arrives at a step in an Atomic Action and they cannot perform that step, they undo all the steps that they performed of that action and are never considered to have performed that action.”

against because this makes it so that all shots are removed and never seen by any Captain, while the other version only removed the shots that were there previously. At least I think that’s what the original wording of the rule does, it could’ve just been worded confusingly to me.

derrick: he/him

30-07-2019 15:10:37 UTC



30-07-2019 15:23:07 UTC

What the previous version was supposed to do was for the chart to be updated according to the new moves and shots made via the private messages, and at the same time to remove all the shots which are currently on the chart.

This is supposed to represent how a shot is made, it hits the water/a ship, then is gone; also so the whole chart doesn’t fill up with shots.

Sorry if my phrasing isn’t very good!


30-07-2019 20:54:36 UTC

[card] Steps that can’t be performed aren’t the problem, and for the record, I don’t think there would be any in this case. The problem is that when, say, the Admiral makes a simple mistake in where a ship gets placed, that ship’s Captain could bring it up two days later, and the Chart Update (based on AA rules) would have to be rewound, along with a full two days of maritime actions.

Kevan: City he/him

30-07-2019 22:29:31 UTC



30-07-2019 23:18:33 UTC

against S/K