Sunday, November 06, 2005

Proposal: Avatars

5-1. Timed Out and Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 08 Nov 2005 05:41:48 UTC

Add an Avatars rule:

Incarnations may have Avatars. An Avatar is the physical presence of an Incarnation in the world. An Avatar has an integer number of Life Points that must be always positive. If the number of Life Points of an Avatar would be reduced to Zero or less, that Avatar shall be destroyed instead.

At any moment, an Incarnation must have only one Avatar. If any game action or effect would result in any Incarnation having more than one Avatar, that action or effect shall be void and null.

An Avatar may only be present in Cities where its Incarnation has Temples at. At Any moment, if an Avatar is in a City where its Incarnation has no Temples at, that Avatar shall be destroyed.

A City where an Avatar is in may never be destroyed.

The Presence of an Avatar shall be represented in the Cities Wiki, besides the Temples listing for that City, by the notation “Avatar: ((Incarnation Name/LP))”, where LP is the number of Life Points remaining in that Avatar.

If a rule allows an Avatar to take an action, that action may be taken by the Deity controlling that Avatar’s Incarnation.

If an Incarnation’s Avatar is destroyed, the following effects immediately ensue:

* Destroy all Temples, if any, to that Avatar’s Incarnation that are in the same City where the Avatar was in just before being destroyed.
* Set the Quintessence of the Deity controlling that Avatar’s Incarnation to Zero.
* The Deity controlling that Avatar’s Incarnation may not take any action allowed by a Rule for the next 24 hours. They can still take any action allowed by a Law.


Kevan: City he/him

06-11-2005 11:15:43 UTC

against I like the idea of a movable token, but the Life Points are too much detail for now, and Avatar-loss penalties seem a bit harsh (it’s surely quite easy to destroy all of a god’s Temples in a city if people put their minds to it). There’s no clause about placing or moving Avatars, either.


06-11-2005 17:51:43 UTC



07-11-2005 04:38:07 UTC

for i’m guessing the other rules will be coming - how to move and place avatars, and what benefits they give.


07-11-2005 16:32:15 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

08-11-2005 00:47:40 UTC