Monday, March 20, 2017

Sticky Post: Axon

More neuronal chatter. The Ganglion is getting unwieldy.

Previous neurological structures: Ganglion 1 Ganglion 2



03-20-2017 22:31:05 UTC

In particular, I wanted to make sure derrick sees my note at the end of Ganglion 2 so we can sort that out if need be.


03-20-2017 22:57:08 UTC

Two collaborating organs can drain the Statolith entirely at will, provided enough Nonium, which we have plenty of, and its easy to get more anyway. (Pretty much, the statolith’s inventory of nutrients becomes more or less the equivalent of THEIR inventory.)

Gland->+2 To a mood (costs n)
Other Organ->Does action to satisfy mood, costs x, gains x n and, give n to the Gland.

Repeat ad infinit- until Nonium runs out lol.

Oracular rufio:

03-20-2017 23:03:43 UTC

Unless you’re laying eggs, which costs more than one nutrient.


03-20-2017 23:13:57 UTC

I take what is perceived as impossible as a challenge lol. It can be done, like this (actually, anyone with enough collaboration can lay an absurd amount of eggs right now, like this):

How to “mine” the Statolith for free ft. a Friend

Organ 1: Gland: +2 To Reslessness (costs n)
Organ 2: Limb: Move, costs g, gain x, g (restlessness -1)
Organ 2: Limb: Move again, costs g, gain x, g (restlessness -1)

-> Total profit of 2 nutrients for the cost of at-will actions lol.

Repeat until you’ve mined enough nutrients, use the friend as a “bank” to hold nutrients, ask him to trade you back nutrients once you’ve laid eggs, repeat until the Statolith is bone dry.

That’s the general idea, if you need a full algorithm according to your current nutrient/state, I could do it, but with this I think you’ve got a good enough idea.


03-20-2017 23:15:18 UTC

Actually the profit would be 1 nutrient sorry, because it costs 1 n to raise Restless, but the profit would then be 1 nutrient regardless, for the cost of $free$, so the loop to mine the Statolith bone dry is still doable.

Oracular rufio:

03-20-2017 23:24:28 UTC

Yes, of course you can do any number of things if you have a co-conspirator, but right now there is no benefit to it except to piss everyone off.


03-21-2017 00:05:40 UTC

...Or they’re intentionally there to be abused later on. Either way, it’s a good safe bet to point them out.

Oracular rufio:

03-21-2017 00:13:01 UTC

If someone lays a ton of eggs, then no one will vote for them to have any significance and it will be wasted nutrients.


03-21-2017 01:35:24 UTC

Yes, but the play then would be to not turn it into Fool’s Gold before then.

Unless you’re me lol. Because you see, when you look up “Fool’s Gold” in the Children’s Illustrated Nomic Guide, you see a gold ingot on one side of the page, and me with a thumbs up on the other.


03-22-2017 14:24:31 UTC

Does anyone want to jump ship with me so we and card can make a new creature? We should do it before “Separate Creatures” passes. A total of four organs sounds best.


03-22-2017 14:30:16 UTC

I’d join


03-22-2017 15:34:16 UTC

Then lets hurry up and jump before eve moves on.

Oracular rufio:

03-22-2017 15:38:59 UTC

I’ll join.


03-22-2017 15:55:38 UTC

Ok folks, lets jump on the petitions (I made two for the purpose of speed: I don’t know who will be the slowest to join).

Oracular rufio:

03-23-2017 00:28:58 UTC

What should be the default state for an organ who joins/unidles?  Right now it says it’s amorphous, which is fine, but it doesn’t specify which creature it should be part of, which probably means it defaults to the alphabetically earliest name currently in use.  I’m thinking maybe the default should be Nymphs located in the Sea of Eden.


03-23-2017 00:45:06 UTC

Ruleset says: Organs’ Creatures [...] defaults to “Eve”.

Oracular rufio:

03-23-2017 01:02:29 UTC

Ahh, right.  I just don’t know if having a default creature is really the way to do it, necessarily.


03-23-2017 02:29:30 UTC

Even if it wasn’t defined, it would become the alphabetically first legal value it can take, if it’s not null. Given that it can be null, it would be null (Amorphous, and with no creature lol).

As for the location, by that same rule it would be A1.

Its in “Clarifications”. The same rules I aimed to exploit to bug out a DoV that would default to Enacted.

Oracular rufio:

03-23-2017 02:56:32 UTC

I know what the ruleset says, Cuddlebeam, I’m questioning whether it should say something different.  You’re not playing anymore, please leave.


03-23-2017 04:17:24 UTC

No need to take it so personally lol. I point out stuff because I believe that they might be interesting for the conversation at hand, not because I have any qualms with you specifically.

Oracular rufio:

03-23-2017 04:57:27 UTC

Yes, I do believe you don’t mean it personally and are in fact just too clueless to tell when you aren’t wanted.


03-23-2017 10:51:08 UTC

A message rumbles around Hanna’s nervous system: Should we for a little bit coordinate on getting enough gonium and nonium to last us a while? We have 25 more g from our recent collection and luckily scouting revealed a nonium-rich skeleton just one cell away.


03-23-2017 13:56:36 UTC

That sounds like a good plan. Both are dangerous to run low on.

Oracular rufio:

03-24-2017 14:40:49 UTC

Pokes, when did you gather ambient nutrients?  I searched the GNDT logs for any gathering of ambient nutrients before I did it again, and the latest entry was me gathering gonium 24 hours prior.


03-24-2017 14:44:30 UTC

It’s in the backlog now but:

23/03 10:41 (UTC) - pokes
  pokes’s Supply = b3 g23 n2 m5 (was b3 g8 n2 m5)
(Transforming to Gut, collecting Hanna’s ambient nutrients (15g))

Oracular rufio:

03-24-2017 14:53:42 UTC

Oh, I see, you didn’t say “gathering” so I didn’t see it.