Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Battle in Uruk

-I create the power Form of Death (Phenomenon-Festival-Presence) (1 quint)
-Create Baron Samedi’s Avatar in Uruk with 350LP. (3 quint)
-Create the power Death Strike (Immanence-Exertion-Attack) (1 quint)
-Uses Death Strike on the One Who Kill’s Avatar, using up 50LP.
-Creates power Deathly Inspiration (Immanence-Inspiration) (1 quint)
-Creates temple to Baron Samedi in Uruk.



23-11-2005 02:31:43 UTC

You know you have to have a temple in place already to make an avatar, right?


23-11-2005 02:33:08 UTC

“An Avatar may only be present in Cities where its Incarnation has Temples at. At Any moment, if an Avatar is in a City where its Incarnation has no Temples at, that Avatar shall be destroyed.”

The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:40:42 UTC, that was a waste of Quintessence then.

The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:44:46 UTC

Do I get to undo it?


23-11-2005 02:46:17 UTC

I think you get to undo the creation of the avatar, as that was illegal, but I’d say the powers stay.  They’re not useless, anyway; you just have to create a temple somewhere before you use them.

The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:47:39 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

23-11-2005 02:48:29 UTC

I’ll create the Avatar in Trinidad, then.