Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Black and grey morality

11:06 PM

“Police are investigating the mad bombings of the Shade warehouse and a local antique shop.  Sources say that these incidents are believed to be connected.” crackled the radio in Rodlen’s office.

“Dammit, they know too much.  I guess I’ll get some assassins to kill every officer involved in the investigation.  Anything to keep Shade from activating the Antarctica device.”

And Rodlen is the good guy here.  The DDA/DDF is ruthless, and its leader bombs places and hires assassins.  However, it is still working for the good of all most themselves those that it does not kill.  Meanwhile, Shade is just evil.


Darknight: he/him

09-12-2008 23:44:37 UTC

Good grief man lol