Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Proposal: [BLO] This rule is meaningless, but which isn’t?


Adminned at 23 Dec 2008 10:11:06 UTC

Create a new rule called “I cannot believe its not AAAAAGGGHHHH!!”:

This rule exists with the sole purpose of serving as target practice for smashing the ruleset, and citizens who fail to realize it should take special care when eating with metal spoons. If a Citizen attempts to smash a sentence contained in this rule and fails, that Citizen may attempt to smash a different sentence immediately, ignoring the once per week limit.

* Koalas are cute, as long as they have exactly four broken bones and their name is Joe.
* As a daily action a Monkey may fix the wardrobe.
* Mount Rushmore can only be climbed gracefully if the Ragdoll attempting it has eight or more broken nachos.
* Giraffes cannot row the boat if there is four or less Citizens altogether.
* If the word aluminium appears twice in this sentence, any Citizen can cook salmon.

If this proposal is ennacted with a Quorum of OVERWHELMING votes, change every instance of the word “weekly” to “daily” in rule “Smash it to pieces”.

Putting a twist on the space girder.




23-12-2008 05:48:05 UTC

Hmm…very dangerous…but you referenced my dynasty…I support this.

arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 05:50:43 UTC

Remember I created the infamous space girder too. Yoda almost won that time too.

arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 06:04:36 UTC

for  for  for  for  for

arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 06:05:37 UTC

BTW, that was an explicit author OVERWHELMING FOR

Darknight: he/him

23-12-2008 07:44:46 UTC

for  for  for  for  for


23-12-2008 14:30:15 UTC

for I think I remember creating the space girder, actually.

arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 14:42:34 UTC

Not the actual rule, maybe you created the rules for adding text to it.

Clucky: he/him

23-12-2008 15:35:29 UTC

for  for  for  for  for


23-12-2008 16:02:43 UTC

Emperor Norton has a hairy back.  The Thog President has challenged Zeke to a dance-off!  Snow on cherry blossoms.  Jason Smith moves the Red October to Murmansk.  It’s not a cult, it’s a religion.  Joey Wong is the man of the hour.


23-12-2008 16:22:16 UTC

for  for  for  for  for


23-12-2008 16:30:04 UTC

We all contributed to the space girder rule itself.


23-12-2008 17:58:48 UTC