Sunday, November 26, 2006

Proposal: Book orders

Passes at 9-0. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 02 Dec 2006 02:40:02 UTC

I would like to start my term as Librarian by adding some new rare books to the collection and making sure it is up to date.
Set the number of copies of the tome “Intermediate Guide to Soul Magic” to 6.

Add the following Tome to the list in Rule 2.7.1:

Advanced Guide to Soul Magic (2 copies)
Spirit Swap
Circumstances:There is at least one Student on the Lost List, and the student casting this spell has not been on the Lost List any time in the last 48 hours.
Consequences:The caster chooses a student on the Lost List.  That Student is removed from the Lost List.  The Student who cast this spell becomes Lost.

Soul Sucking
Circumstances:This spell may be cast in the 24 hours after the Student casting it has been involved in a Soul Duel that caused another Student to become Lost, once per Soul Duel.
Consequences:The Student who cast this spell gains up to half the Mythos Knowledge of the Student who became Lost due to the Soul Duel.  The other student loses as much Mythos Knowledge as the caster gained.

Change the Circumstances of the Soul Duel spell to the following:

This spell may be cast if the student casting it has neither cast this spell nor had eir name appear in a Challenge post in the last 48 hours, and there exists another non-Lost Student (the Victem) who has neither cast this spell nor had eir name appear in a Challenge post in the last 48 hours.

and change the first sentence of the Consequences to:

The Caster makes a post to the blog with title “I challenge X” where X is the Victim’s name.



26-11-2006 22:54:09 UTC

How do we actually obtain tomes though?


26-11-2006 23:14:29 UTC

“The librarian decides how Students can acquire Tomes. Often, e can announce conditions for getting Tomes in the form of posts to the blog.”


27-11-2006 02:32:50 UTC

What ideas do you have for that?


27-11-2006 04:13:45 UTC

I don’t see the point in the last bit… the challenge text seems fine.


27-11-2006 04:27:56 UTC

How do we determine how much mythos is taken? Otherwise:  for


27-11-2006 06:27:21 UTC



27-11-2006 07:12:35 UTC



27-11-2006 14:30:07 UTC


And maybe after it’s passed, an admin could change “Victem” to “Victim”.  Just to be on the safe side.


27-11-2006 14:48:52 UTC



28-11-2006 13:49:39 UTC

I’d say the caster chooses how much mythos.