Saturday, December 20, 2008

Proposal: Boxing like an Irishman: The only way to conduct cross-factional warfare

Edited after someone commented

Adminned at 20 Dec 2008 15:38:40 UTC

Add a rule to the main ruleset titled, “Faction Renown”:

Each faction shall have a GNDT tracked statistic termed “Renown.”

Add a rule to the main ruleset titled, “Irish Boxing”:

1. Any Citizen may challenge a Citizen of a different faction to an Irish Boxing Contest.

2. Initiation

(a) To issue a challenge, a Citizen shall make a post that contains both the words “boxing” and the name of the Citizen being challenged.

E.g., “I hereby challenge Steve to an an Irish boxing match”

(b) The challenged Citizen can participate in the Irish Boxing Contest by responding to the post in the comments section and indicating eir acceptance.

E.g., “I accept your challenge, scoundrel!

(c) The challenged Citizen can choose not to participate either by not responding per 1(b) or by refusing in the comments section of the initial challenge post.

(d) Challenged Citizens have 48 hours to respond or else they shall be considered to have refused the challenge.

3. Refusal. A Citizen who refuses an Irish Boxing Contest challenge has brought Shame onto that Citizen’s faction. The faction of the refusing Citizen loses two points from its Renown.

4. Rules & Voting

(a) Once an Irish Boxing Contest has been accepted by the challenged party, the challenger shall compose a limerick of five lines and post it to the comments section of the original challenge. The challenged Citizen must then respond with a limerick of five lines and post it to the same comments section.

(b) Citizens may then vote for the limerick that, in the Citizen’s opinion, best exemplifies the qualities of Irishness, Jocularity, Manliness, Boxitude, Old-Timeyness, Prancing-around-in-high-trunks-with-no-gloveosity, and all-around does a better job of making the other boxer seem like a little girly-man.

(c) All Citizens (except the ones participating in the contest) may vote on the Irish Boxing Contest.

(d) The Contest shall remain open to voting for 48 hours from the posting of the challenged Citizen’s limerick and does not require quorum.

5. Winning

(a) Whichever Citizen-boxer receives most votes shall be considered the winner of the Irish Boxing Contest.

(b) The winning Citizen’s faction shall receive two points of Renown.

6. Losing

(a) Whichever Citizen-boxer receives the fewest votes shall be considered the loser of the Irish Boxing Contest.

(b) The losing Citizen’s faction shall be deducted one point of Renown.

7. Ties

(a) In the event of a tie, the two boxing Citizens shall retire to the pub for mutual back-slapping and exchanges of masculine tall tales. Each faction receives one point of Renown.


Amnistar: he/him

20-12-2008 22:48:37 UTC


Irish Boxing?  Really?  I like the competative idea of the Factions, but I’d rather this be something a little less…well…specific.

Also, doesn’t detail how voting is done, How renown is tracked precisely (do we make new GDNT entries for each nomic?), what starting renown is, How often someone can do this (a person could challenge someone else to 30 boxing matches, especially if they know there won’t be a response for 48 hours for whatever reason.

SingularByte: he/him

20-12-2008 22:50:42 UTC

In addition to those reasons, it isn’t a proposal.


20-12-2008 22:50:45 UTC

Well, you could amend it then. :P

Amnistar: he/him

20-12-2008 23:05:52 UTC

If someone wants to propose it, I recommend creating the renown idea, and then creating the mechanics for the ‘competitions’ then allow other people to come up with competitions of their own.  Perhaps wording it such that the method of competition can be pulled from individual ruleset, allowing each faction to create their own competitions?


20-12-2008 23:08:20 UTC

I fixed it.

Amnistar: he/him

20-12-2008 23:09:12 UTC

cept that’s illegal, go ahead and unfix it.

Darknight: he/him

20-12-2008 23:31:03 UTC


arthexis: he/him

20-12-2008 23:33:56 UTC