Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Brief hiatus

The Ascension Address will come within the next 24 hours. In the meanwhile, please do use this to discuss the last dynasty, any aspirations for the next, and any ideas you have about recruiting new members.


Ienpw III:

08-04-2015 23:46:08 UTC

Congrats Josh, nice scam. Now a question on ettiquette:

I noticed the scam but didn’t point it out as I felt that was a bit unsporting, given I’m inactive. Thoughts?

Ienpw III:

08-04-2015 23:47:08 UTC

(Though to be honest, I was probably even more impressed by Kevan’s counter-scam/fix, which I would never have thought of.)


08-05-2015 01:03:07 UTC

I was a little disappointed it ended so soon, but it happened because I didn’t realise the implications of Classical Conditioning. That’s a unique scam if I’ve ever seen one.


08-05-2015 01:49:53 UTC

Totally missed what happened that set up the dov do to traveling back home from a trip (prob also why I got lost on my one movement lol) so can someone fill me in by chance?


08-05-2015 02:02:37 UTC

Josh made a Proposal that let any Rat, as a Weekly Action, take any action they had already performed at least five times, with no prerequisites. Any action. No prerequisites. Josh, having achieved victory nine times before, achieved victory.


08-05-2015 07:30:25 UTC

Ienpw - I would have considered pointing out the scam from idle to be a bit unsporting, although unidling to exploit it would have been entirely legitimate.

Kevan’s fix I’m dubious about the legality of - I think the Conditioning Actions probably can’t be used during hiatus - and if the DoV had failed I probably would have contested it.


08-05-2015 08:54:33 UTC

Onlookers pointing out scams would feel about the same as people watching a boardgame and offering advice: best case you annoy the person who was about to do something clever, worst case you also annoy the opponents who’d noticed and had planned a countermeasure that relied on the player doing whatever they were doing. But yes, taking a seat and exploiting the scam yourself seems fine.

And yes, I’m just as dubious of my fix’s legality, I just wanted to put the game into a state where if an arbitrary CfJ was legal, it wouldn’t be legal any more.


08-05-2015 12:11:30 UTC

As for a dynastic post-mortem - the theme was a good one, and I liked the potential of the Hypotheses. But the strong veto stance was deterring me from spending what little spare time I had last week writing any proposals, and I was considering idling out.

What were the final Hypotheses, out of interest? Mine was that Josh’s Hypothesis would come true - which I’d hoped would get a Significance score at least as high as his, but his must have been something equally meta-level.